Business Loans

If a person is looking to start their own business there are some loans they can take out to get started. These are some common business loans to start a business or to expand an existing one.

Term Loans

These loans will allow fast funding and a person can borrow up to $1 million. The funds are available within a couple of days. Some collateral may be needed and this is best for a business looking to grow and expand.

SBA Loans

These loans are guaranteed by the Small Business Administration. They are offered by banks and repayment if often 7 to 10 years. These have some of the lowest interest rates available and there are flexible repayment terms. There is a longer application process and it may take some time for the funds to come through.

Business Line of Credit

This line of credit will allow a business to get funds up to the credit limit. They will pay only the interest on the money that they borrowed and not the total amount of their credit. There also some flexible repayment terms to this loan. The money is often unsecured and a business will not have to put down any collateral. There is often short-term financing and it can be used to take care of unexpected occurrences.

Invoice Factoring

If a business is owned money through unpaid customer invoices they can get a loan to keep the cash flow moving. The application process is easier than other loans. The invoices may go into collections and the business will lose control over them.

These are some options for small business loans. The type of loan and the repayment options are going to be different. A business should research the types of loans they qualify for and see which one best fits their needs.